microKEY 2

Control that's conveniently simplified

With all of the endless options, configuations, and choices that modern technology offers music educators today, in the end, the simplest is often the best solution.  An uncomplicated, straightforward design, compact size, and easy connectivity made the first-generation microKEY series a bestseller.  Our second-generation microKEY lineup retains those attributes and adds iPad and iPhone support*, plus a damper pedal jack for improved playability.  We've also added a 49-key model, for the student who needs a few more keys in a still-compact format.  In all, the microKEY series has evolved to become even more convenient and versatile, making it an ideal choice for first-time & elementary music students.

  • Campact and playable Natural Touch Mini Keyboard
  • Available in 25, 37, 49, or 61-key configurations
  • Connect with a single USB cable*; supports Mac In, iPad, and iPhone
  • Connect a pedal and enjoy full control functionality
  • Includes a lavish array of powerful music software bundled free of charge 
microKEY Air

Control, unplugged

Too many wires in your classroom?  Are they literally holding you back from the freedm of different configurations and setups, or are your students constantly knocking into them causing disconnection?  KORG, creators of the best-selling microKEY series and the next-gen microKEY2 series can help you break free with the new microKEY Air series of wireless MIDI controllers!

  • Connect wirelessly to iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Windows
  • Available in 25, 37, 49, or 61 key configurations
  • Lasts a month between battery changes
  • Can also be connected via a traditional USB cable
  • Compact and playable Natural Touch Mini Keyboard
  • Connect a pedal and enjoy full control functionality
  • Includes a lavish array of powerful music software bundled free of charge

The keyboard that helps you learn to play!  Whether you are an Educator that dreams of building a keyboard lab for group instruction or if you are an individual who is ready to learn to play the piano, the SoundKEY is the right keyboard for you.  Fully equipped to seamlessly integrate with the KORG GEC Lab System and any MIDI compatible apps and software programs interfacing beautifully with iOS, Android, Chromebook, or Windows, the SoundKEY is the right choice to start learning today.


Korg NanoKEY Studio and NanoKONTROL Studio represent some of the most advanced and affordable MIDI controllers on the market, featuring Bluetooth connectivity, portability, and hands-on control.

·       USB or Battery operation: 30 hours on 2 AAA batteries

·       Operate up to 30 uniquely-identified Bluetooth controllers in one classroom 

·       Take hands-on control with keys, buttons, pads, faders, and knobs

·       Practice, compose, or perform on the go with best-in-class portability- fits in a backpack or messenger bag