Camp ROC Star




Founded by Elvio Fernandes, singer/song writer/keyboardist for the multi-platinum band Daughtry, is a year-long music academy that provides aspiring musicians with an unforgettable learning and performance experience that will improve their playing skills, increase their confidence, foster collaboration with others and inspire them to find the artist within themselves.


It is our goal to provide this generation of future Rock Stars with the ULTIMATE GARAGE BAND EXPERIENCE that will not only teach them about music, but will help them gain confidence, develop work ethic, learn valuable life lessons, and more importantly form friendships to last a lifetime. All of us who have been fortunate enough to be in a band know that there's no greater feeling than sitting in a room with friends, creating music, and being able to share that in front of an audience.


With the success of our Holiday Concert Series and the feedback we've received, it has become very clear that this type of program should not be limited to 6 week installments with the pressure of meeting a specific deadline in order to play a couple of songs in front of a live audience. Instead, why not DEVELOP bands that stay together immersing the kids even more fully into the true "band" experience in which they can discover the importance of team work, chemistry, and the joys of making music with their band. Our plan would be a more open ended format in which the emphasis would be learning and compiling a FULL SET of material to be performed, in a concert type setting, as opposed to trying to fit in a couple songs in a restricted time period. This is not only a more realistic representation of how a band functions, but it will also provide a less stressful and more fun environment for the kids to work in.

Music should first and foremost be FUN!