B2 Digital Piano Lab

The Korg B2 Digital Piano Lab is compact and cost-effective, and is an excellent choice for the classroom. The streamlined design delivers the features most important to any pianist: an authentic touch, superior sound and ease of use.

All of the Korg Lab Solutions are designed around the GEC5 Group Education Controller group audio controller, a cost-effective stereo digital audio routing system. Suitable for any teaching level and any combination of electronic instruments, (keyboards, guitars, sound modules, computer soundcards, etc.) the GEC5 allows teachers to interact with as many as 32 individual student stations at once, or up to 64 students with one Teacher Unit.

The B2 Digital Piano is equipped with KORG’s NH (Natural Weighted Hammer) keyboard action, which provides a heavier touch in the lower registers, transitioning to a lighter touch in the upper regions—just as on a traditional piano. The Korg B2 is available with the standard 88-keys and is ideal for classrooms that will be focusing on music theory, composition and proper piano technique. The B2 Digital Piano features eight different sounds: three flavors of acoustic piano are provided along with two electric pianos, a harpsichord, and two organ sounds—each delivered with precise realism. This set of frequently used sounds lets you expand your repertoire to cover many genres. The dedicated PIANO PLAY button instantly recalls the Concert Grand Piano sound.

The B2 Digital Piano Lab is available for classrooms of any size, up to 32 individual student stations, or 64 stations if you “split” the piano to allow for two students per keyboard.

The GEC5 features three chief modes of operation; Lecture, Practice and Group. In Lecture Mode, students hear the teacher's microphone and instrument as well as their own instruments. In Practice Mode, students hear only his or her own instrument and the teacher has the option of eavesdropping or initiating two-way communication. In Group Mode, students can listen to the instruments and microphones of other group members.

The Korg B2 Digital Piano Lab additionally can include a teacher's station work desk, a pair of studio monitors for the instructor, a set of microphone-equipped Koss SB40 headphones, and all of the cabling you’ll need to connect the system together. Each student station is equipped with an instrument, an GEC5 Student Interface Unit and a microphone-equipped Koss SB40 headset. The GEC5 Student Interface Unit connects to the GEC5 using Cat5 cable, as well as to the student's instrument and headset.

Color Variations:

Black (B2-BK), White (B2-WH)


88 key (A0–C8), NH (Natural Weighted Hammer) Keyboard

Touch Control:

Light, Normal, Heavy

Pitch Range:

427.5 Hz to 452. Hz (.05 Hz steps)

Transpose Range:

-6 to +5 semitones (all keys)

Sound Generation:

Stereo PCM

Maximum Polyphony:

120 voices (Max)




Reverb, Chorus

Demo Songs:



Tempo Range (40 BPM–120 BPM)
Time signature (2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 4/6, none)
Volume controls


PHONES (Headphone/ LINE OUT combined use), USB TYPE B), AUDIO IN, PEDAL


15 Watt x 2


Oval (100 mm x 50 mm/3.94" x 1.97") x 2

Power Supply:

DC 12 V, AC adapter (included)

Power Consumption:


Dimensions (W x D x H):

1312 mm x 336 mm x 117 mm / 51.65" x 13.23" x 4.61" (including projections, excluding STB1 optional stand and music stand)
1,312 x 336 x 750 mm / 51.65" x 13.23" x 29.53" (including STB1 optional stand and projections, excluding music stand)


11.8 kg / 26.01 lbs.(excluding STB1 optional stand and music stand)
20.2 kg / 44.53 lbs. (including STB1 optional stand, excluding music stand)

Included items :

Damper pedal, AC adapter, Music stand

Accessories :

Stand (STB2-BK/WH), 3 pedal unit (PU-2)*

* The PU-2 can be connected to the same pedal jack as used by the included damper pedal.