New Music Makers - Matching Grant Program

Korg Education continues to be a catalyst in music education and is helping encourage elementary and middle schools to get more music back in the classroom. With our matching grant program, New Music Makers, teachers and administrators will be given the opportunity to acquire all the instruments they need to kick-start a general music program for a fraction of the retail cost. The ability to procure such a robust collection of instruments will ensure the sustainability of a long-term music instruction program for years to come for any school.

The New Music Makers Matching Grant Program is specifically targeted for elementary and middle schools that either once had a music program and had to cut it due to limited budgets, or has never had a program and wants to start one. We understand that the idea of starting a music program from scratch is daunting and feels very expensive and at times intimidating. The goal of the New Music Makers Matching Grant Program is to help provide a turn-key solution for any school.

This is a matching grant opportunity requiring only $1,000 from the school for a collection of instruments valued at over $2,000, and is perfect for smaller school budgets and even parent organizations. The grant process is a simple online form submission, so if your school, or a school you know of is looking to build New Music Makers, click below and share your story with us.